Riccardo Sinigallia

Riccardo Sinigallia is an Italian songwriter and producer active since the very first 90s. He collaborated with many artist of the Rome scene: TiromancinoMax Gazzè, Niccolò Fabi and Frankie Hi-NRG, but he used to stay away from the mainstream scene as well as from the underground/indie one. But, for the third time in his carreer, he just come out with a new LP titled Per Tutti, this is the first single Prima di andare via before you go. This year he also went to Sanremo Festival (with no success, of course).

50 Special


In Italy wee say non si vive di solo pane (you can’t live only on bread). Same is for Italian Music. But sometimes you have an illumination: Lùnapop! They were very young, they played pop songs, they split after their first 1999 LP. But dear listener, nobody is going to forget 50 Special.

PS. Ooops I’ve already posted this… but it’s so catchy!